Camping and Campervans

Camping, Caravaning and Motorhoming on Tiree

Tiree welcomes campers, touring caravans and motorhomes to the island and we hope that you enjoy your stay when you visit. Whilst campers who are walking, cycling or kayaking are free to wild camp around the island, due to our fragile grass areas (Machair) and dunes we are however unable to cater for “wild camping” from cars, vans, motorhomes or caravans.

To ensure visitors wishing to camp alongside their vehicle, or who want to bring their touring caravan or motorhome can still visit and enjoy our beautiful island we have introduced croft sites/pitches around the island, in addition to a private campsite at Balinoe.

Before visiting Tiree please read this information on how to book a croft site pitch or for details on contacting the campsite at Balinoe.

Booking a Croft Site

Contact details - email | 
telephone | 01879 220074
When ringing please respect these office hours:
Winter | Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Summer | Thursday - Monday 9am - 4pm 

The availability of space on our croft pitches is rarely a problem. However, popular locations do fill up as the season progresses. In most cases we should be able to accommodate one of your top three preferences. If you would like to use a croft site, you must contact the ranger in advance of your arrival on Tiree. Our ranger fulfils a variety of duties around the island - in addition to receiving numerous enquiries about croft sites, outdoor access and wildlife.

We advise that you allow a couple of days for your request to be processed before you plan to book your ferry crossing.

Croft sites are charged at £12 per night.
You can stay at more than one site during your visit.

Please note that our Croft Sites DO NOT offer amenities. See the additional information regarding drinking water, toilets and chemical waste disposal on Tiree.


1/ View the pdf map below for the location and description of each site.
2/ Using this information, select your top three sites in order of preference.
3/ Contact the ranger by email or telephone [details above] with:

  • Your intended dates of arrival and departure
  • Your three site preferences (or as required if you plan to use more than one)
  • The number of pitches that you require at each site
  • Confirmation of how many nights you intend to spend at each site

4/ When you arrive on the island, expect to meet the Ranger at the small CalMac ticket office by the ferry terminal (unless you are contacted to make separate arrangements). This is for the purpose of welcoming you, providing you with information and collecting your payment.

Parking for small vehicles is signposted immediately to the left of the concrete causeway as you leave the ferry. For larger vehicles or caravans, proceed along the road for 100m to a gravelled area on your left (just after the cottages).

Please note that all fees for croft sites help to maintain the traditional crofting way of life predominant on Tiree.

Why We Want You to Use a Booked Site

We have a very fragile but beautiful environment on Tiree (Machair grass). This does not stand up to continued use by motor vehicles and can become damaged very quickly. Tiree is also well known for its wildlife, in particular the many species of birds that are found here. At certain times of the year we have many ground nesting birds, which can easily be disturbed by vehicles. By using a croft site, or the campsite at Balinoe and marked parking areas around the island, you are helping us protect our environment and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Croft Site Locations and Information

All designated sites are on firm ground and are fenced. They are all marked with a small green croft site logo. As all sites are on working crofts, sheep and cattle are never far away, so dogs should be kept under control and preferably on a lead at all times.




Wild camping is free on Tiree for backpackers/walkers, cyclists, kayakers, etc. Please keep this to small numbers and only stay in one place for up to three nights. Please be discreet as you will be generally using crofters land on which livestock may be grazing. Tent pitches are also available to book at the Balinoe Campsite together with water, toilets and shower facilities.

Booking Balinoe Campsite

Please contact the Wild Diamond campsite direct to book a pitch on the following:
+44 (0)1879 220399
+44 (0)7712 159205

Water and Waste Disposal

Fresh water can be obtained from a tap outside the public toilets at Scarinish. There is also a waste disposal point for chemical toilets to the right of the toilet block in a fenced area. If you use this please flush the chute afterwards to keep it clean and clear for the next user.

If you do not have toilet facilities, please do not bury your waste as it pollutes the soil and in turn the island’s drinking water, whilst also starting erosion.

Tiree’s refuse and recycling site at Gott is open Monday to Saturday at various times for public use. Days and times are detailed below. Please do not put your rubbish in bins situated at the roadside, unless otherwise indicated as these are for private household use only. There are public bins at the pier head car park and also by the public toilets in Scarinish.

Day Parking

Parking areas have been established at many beaches and locations around the island for vehicles to park. These have been provided to limit damage to the sensitive machair. Please use these to help us preserve our environment and stay within the marked areas and take all rubbish with you when you leave.

Tracks across machair are not a given right of way, they are there to facilitate land management, access to houses, or for emergency vehicles and are not for general public use. A disabled person may use a suitably adapted vehicle on these tracks to access countryside and beaches.

How You Can Help

An annual sticker “Protecting Tiree’s Natural Environment” can be bought for £5. All funds raised from these are spent on improving access, tracks and parking areas.

Contact Details
Tiree Ranger
01879 220074

Calmac Pier Office
01879 220337

Waste Recycling Centre Gott
Opening Times
Monday - 07.30 – 09.00 and 15.00 – 16.00
Tuesday - 10.00 – 11.00
Wednesday - 14.00 – 16.00
Thursday - 14.00 – 16.00
Friday - 07.30 -09.30 and 14.30 – 15.30
Saturday - 09.00 – 13.00

Water Collection

This is available from the tap outside the public toilets in Scarinish.

Public Toilets

Available at the Calmac Office at the pier head and near the Co-op in Scarinish.