The Croft Camping sites are open for booking from the 16th of January for the season starting on the 1st of April.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tiree.

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If you are planning to visit Tiree in the off-season of November to March then please phone 07391239502 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can accommodate you.  Thank you for your patience.

When booking please ensure you read all the information below including the current Croft Camping Scheme Covid-19 policy & the Frequently Asked Questions. We ask that all booking requests are submitted by email using the pitch request form below and all bookings are provisional until confirmed by return email.
Please adhere to any Covid-related travel restrictions that may be in place. We appreciate it has been a difficult time for everyone but we thank you for your patience in regard to this as we ensure everyone has a Covid safe visit.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why We Want You to Use a Booked Site

We have a very fragile but beautiful environment of machair grassland and dune systems, here on Tiree, many of which carry SSSI designations. Due to their fragility, they do not stand up to continued use by motor vehicles and can become damaged very quickly. Tiree is also well known for its wildlife, in particular the many species of waders that are found here. At certain times of the year we have many ground-nesting birds, which can easily be disturbed by vehicles.
To ensure this was all protected Tiree took the decision to set up the Croft Camping Scheme run by the Ranger Service on behalf of the Crofters and island residents and has been running successfully for over a decade.

By using a croft site, or the Wild Diamond campsite at Balinoe and marked day-parking areas around the island, you are helping us protect our environment and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Five Steps to Booking a Croft Camping Site:

1. Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below to see the most common queries
2. Use the Croft Camping site info pack to find out about the different sites to help you choose as well as reading the Croft Camping Site rules.
3. Check that you have understood the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
(including specific guidance for pet owners)
4. Check that you have read and understood the Covid-19 Policy for using the Croft Camping Sites
5. Download and return your completed Pitch Request Form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not send payment until your booking has been confirmed.

Croft Site Locations and Information

All designated sites are on firm ground and are fenced. They are all marked with a small green croft site logo. As all sites are on working crofts, sheep and cattle are never far away, so dogs should be kept under control and preferably on a lead at all times.


What You Get

The charge for Croft Camping is £15/pitch/night. Croft Camping sites are
un-serviced green-field pitches; however, central facilities are available
* FREE glossy visitor maps and information pamphlets
* FREE fresh water for vehicle reservoirs at Scarinish
* FREE chemical waste disposal at Scarinish

Arrival Instructions for Croft Camping Guests:

Once your ferry has docked, The Ranger will meet you at the terminal. Look out for the white Ranger Van and the Ranger. Please find somewhere safe to park out of the way of other ferry traffic. The Ranger will give you your welcome pack and answer any questions you may have. The Ranger also will advise what you need to do if you need to get in contact after your arrival. 

Tiree Trust and Ranger Service Contact Details:

Tiree Ranger 07391239502

Tiree Community Development Trust Office 01879 220 074

Core office hours 10.00h - 15.00h from Monday to Friday 

Croft Camping Scheme

for booking enquiries or amendments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please only phone is your enquiry is urgent. Emails are checked twice daily as the Ranger carries out her other duties. 07391239502 or 01879 220 074

Tiree Ranger Service

for general assistance and out-of-hours: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Croft Camping FAQ:

Q. CalMac say that I need to book a camping pitch before I can book my ferry crossing - what do I need to do?
A. This CalMac message helps our community by ensuring that all guests are aware of our camping policy in advance of their arrival.
Now that you have accessed this information and are aware of the need to reserve an overnight pitch, please book your ferry crossing. Capacity on our croft sites is very rarely an issue - but sailings during the main visitor season fill up quickly. Once you have secured your ferry crossing, please book your croft camping sites(s) as above.

Q. Do croft sites have services (such as hook-up, drinking water, toilets)?
A. No. Croft sites are unserviced green-field pitches. Some croft sites offer fresh water for their guests, and this is detailed in the site description. Central facilities are available in Scarinish.

Q. How many pitches are there at each site?
A. On each croft site, three pitches are available to book per night. We cannot accommodate larger groups on a single croft.
Note that on-location camping for events (such as Tiree Music Festival) is not arranged through the croft camping scheme.

Q. Can I use an awning or tent with my vehicle, and still pay for a single pitch?
A. This is at the discretion of Tiree Ranger Service (via the Tiree Trust office).
In most cases, the following are considered to represent one pitch:

* One motorcycle with one tent
* One car with one tent
* One campervan with one awning
* One motorhome with one awning
* One car with one caravan

Q. I’m travelling on foot/by bike, can I still use a croft site if I don’t wish to “Wild Camp”?
A. Yes you can. Some single travellers feel safer by using the Croft Sites. You will still need to book and pay for a pitch so please submit your booking following the five steps to book above.

Q. I’m travelling by foot/by bike and intend to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access rules in regard to Wild Camping, is this allowed on Tiree?
A. Yes, Tiree welcomes those travelling without vehicles who intend to Wild Camp. Please see the Camping Advice section of our website or contact the Ranger on the details below if you wish to check if its ok to camp in certain areas. This is advisable to do during the bird breeding season from April to July.

Q. Can we choose our croft sites ‘as we go’ rather than booking them all in advance?
A. No. Though this has been allowed previously to a limited extent, the additional administrative work is unsustainable. We now offer more detailed information about each site, to help our guests plan their visit in advance and make choices appropriate to their needs.

Q. I want a croft site with XYZ. Which one should I book?
A.  Detailed information about what each site can offer in terms of access, scenery, wildlife and watersports is contained in the site descriptions. In the interest of fairness, we encourage guests to make an informed choice to suit their needs based on this information. Scheme administrators are not able to recommend individual sites.

Q. Do croft sites allow dogs?
A. Yes - except for Site 13. Responsible pet owners are very welcome. Pets must be kept under proper control and away from livestock.

Q.  Will there be sheep or cattle close to the camping pitches?
A. Yes. Tiree is an agricultural landscape. Many first-time guests underestimate the density of livestock found here.
Croft site owners are asked to keep their camping pitches stock-free from April until October end each year. However, there will almost certainly be livestock in the immediate area. Occasionally, sheep and cattle find their way onto the camping pitches. If this happens, contact Tiree Ranger Service (via the Tiree Trust office/mobile number) for assistance.

Q. Where does our money go?
A.  Croft sites are charged at £15 per pitch, per night.

£11.25 of this payment is given to the croft site owner as a lump sum at the end of each year. The croft camping scheme provides a valuable source of additional income (particularly for some of our vulnerable residents); helping to diversify croft activity and support Tiree’s remote rural economy.
£3.75 is retained by Tiree Ranger Service as a contribution towards the cost of administrating the scheme.  Administration of the croft camping scheme requires considerable time and resources. In purely financial terms, this contribution does not cover our costs. However, Tiree Ranger Service attaches a high value to the ‘soft’ benefits of administrating the scheme - such as providing a service for our community; supporting the agricultural sector; offering an improved visitor experience; and safeguarding Tiree’s conservation interests.




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