Welcome to the Isle of Tiree

Guidance on Visiting Tiree During Covid-19

Updated 23rd April 2021



We look forward to welcoming you back to Tiree


To reduce the risk of COVID-19 being brought into island communities by people who are unaware that they are infectious, the Scottish Government is encouraging anyone planning to travel to a Scottish Island to TEST BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. You can order rapid lateral flow tests (LFT) for delivery to your home anywhere in the UK and they should arrive within 24-48 hours.


Please note that if your LFT result is negative, this is not a guarantee that you do not have COVID-19. You must continue to follow national and local restrictions, including FACTS guidance. 


Please test THREE DAYS BEFORE YOU PLAN TO TRAVEL and then AGAIN ON THE DAY OF YOUR DEPARTURE. If you are positive, this would allow you to self-isolate and book a PCR test.


If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, you must self-isolate and book a PCR test through your Health Board/Trust.


Discover Tiree would strongly encourage you to participate in this scheme in order to reduce the risk that you inadvertently carry coronavirus into one of our island communities. 


You can order tests before you travel using this link- https://test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk/order-lateral-flow-kits

Read local updates before you visit on www.tireetrust.org.uk/covid19. This will help you understand the current situation on Tiree before you begin to plan your visit.

We will update this information regularly to include guidance on shopping, which leisure facilities will be open and which services will be available. 

By staying safe and informed during your visit you are helping us in this unusual time and playing your part in our communities’ effort to stay safe and to help us rebuild our tourism industry. 

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to welcoming you.

Discover Tiree.